Deanna Green,
owner, mom, sister & friend


I began practicing yoga almost five years ago. And like so many of us, I wandered in to a local yoga class and my life was forever changed. After waking up for more than a year with debilitating back pain, and sitting across from my colleague who was completing her  Yoga Teacher Training , I decided to give yoga a try. The next morning, I was virtually pain free and I thought this is something I ought to continuing doing. 

From then on, I allowed yoga to take me on this wild adventure. It led me to quit my job about six months later to find a more fulfilling purpose. It led me to enroll in the Abhaya Yoga 200-hour Teacher Training to deepen my own practice. It led me search out health, wellness, love and community not defined by toxic past experiences. Yoga has allowed me to broaden every aspect of myself and has ultimately led me to Shambhala. 

My mom, devoted her life to raising two beautiful girls. She was determined to provide everything for us, despite her own childhood circumstances. She emerged as a resilient, intelligent being capable of many things... except the ability to nurture and protect her own  spirit. In her honor, I seek to provide safe spaces where we can all investigate the deepest parts of ourselves and most importantly - heal

As I continue to transition as Shambhala's new owner, many words have come to me over the last week: excited, scared, exhilarated, anxious... However, nothing quite resonates more than HONORED. Honored to take over as owner, honored to share this space with all of you and honored to allow myself to be led, once again. 

If you ever have any questions, please don't ever hesitate to reach out via phone, email or just drop by. I look forward to seeing you on AND off the mat. 

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