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Please note that class cards expire within 6 months of purchase (unless otherwise noted) and are non-refundable.

60 minute classes

Yoga & Dance

10 class package
($11.00 per class)

75 and 90 minute classes

Yoga & Dance

5 class package
(valid for 3 months)
($16.00 per class)

10 class package
($15.00 per class)

20 class package
($14.00 per class)

monthly unlimited
one-time $155
or atuo-renew $130


new student special
(valid for 30 days)
$30.00 for 3 classes

in gratitude to our elders
seniors $8.00/class

* In consideration of associated fees, we have a minimum $15 credit/debit card charge.


At shambhala yoga & dance center we celebrate the breadth of teaching styles, backgrounds, personalities, and passions for the yoga practice embodied by the instructors who teach here.

 Through this range, we aim to offer varied approaches to movement and breath that, collectively, allow you to explore, uncover, and include the disparate parts of your being — whether through a sweaty, vinyasa flow; through a steady, Iyengar-aligned approach; or through a deeply nourishing restorative practice.  Naturally, each of us may discover specific teachers whose words and guidance resonate most clearly within us.    We invite you to deepen your study with them and also gently nudge you to extend yourself now and then to experiment with new classes and new teachers to include those otherwise overlooked parts of your practice and experience.

Below, we have categorized our classes and teachers in order to provide a roadmap as you set out on your journey with shambhala.


Getting Started and Practicing the Basics


In addition to the monthly Brand New Beginners class that we offer, there are many classes at the studio that can help you to lay a solid and informed foundation for your yoga practice.  It is a great place for all of us, too, to cultivate and sustain a beginner’s mind or learn to modify for injury and other special considerations. Look for any class with the following words in the class title:

  • Gentle Mat 

  • Basics  

  • Beginners

  • Iyengar 

  • Chair Yoga 

  • Slow Flow

  • Restorative




Developing Your Practice

"I think I might be ready for a little more than the Basics, but I'm not sure what that means."

 When you feel ready to move beyond the Basics, you may like to try our All Level Classes.  In these, teachers assess the student experience in the room and introduce, dissect, and play with more complex asana such as arm balances (crow pose, for example) and inversions (handstand, perhaps).  "Success" is not in doing these poses but in being present with and observant of the journey.  You'll always find room to be just where you are and support as you explore your edges.  

Vinyasa classes honor the union of movement and breath through a sequence of poses that align with your in- and exhalations.  Some teachers offer a faster-paced flow and these classes are marked with *.  

Iyengar classes focus on alignment of standing and seated poses, timing, and sequencing along with philosophy. Props are also used to facilitate learning and deepen the yoga poses according to each person.  

Kundalini classes builds strength and awareness through focused breath and movement exercises designed to open your heart and release energy at the base of your spine. 

Hatha classes can be more slow-moving than Vinyasa, but can be challenging or soft and deepening, depending on the circumstance.  Breath is integrated through poses held with intention and relaxation.



Deepening the Practice

"I have an established asana practice, am confident in my alignment and ability to listen to the cues of my body, and am open to exploring more subtle elements of the practice."


Our Intermediate/Advanced, Iyengar II, and Pranayama and Meditation classes are the perfect place to take your practice to the next level.  More challenging postures, advanced pranayama and subtle meditation techniques will be introduced to help guide you toward the deeper, more subtle layers of your practice and your Self.



What is Restorative Yoga?

Using props and postures held for longer periods of time, Restorative yoga initiates deep relaxation of the body, mind and spirit. Slow Restorative Yoga is helpful to balance a more active practice or decompress after a stressful day.  


What are our Dance classes? 

 African Dance - Fridays 7-8:30p w/Funmilayo
Experience the exuberant joy of West African and Congolese dance! You’ll get lots of great dancing, an introduction to the social and cultural context of the dances, all accompanied by live drumming.