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Every Alchemy - Astrology 101


EVERYDAY ALCHEMY - Astrology 101

Please register before 6/5 and email your birth date, birthplace, and birth time (ideally if you can find it) to to receive a print-out of your own astrological chart in time for the workshop.

Our Everyday Alchemy Workshop will include:

1 - Lecture and Discussion on Astrology, Lunar Cycles, & Planetary Alignment, including relationships to elemental energy (e.g., earth, air, fire, water) and the chakras
2 - Experiential exercises & Journaling & Sharing exercises to personalize the concepts
3 - Meditation, Pranayama, and other techniques to integrate and embody the concepts
4 - *Guidance for practical application and integration of the information into daily life for decision-making, self-inquiry, planning, productivity, and creative inspiration

*A beautiful, extensive workbook will also be provided to guide and facilitate workshop and post-workshop incorporation of the topics.

Our Human journey and our Soul's path are mirrored through astrology, the lunar cycle, and the planets. When we learn how the energy of these cosmic systems impact our own, we can choose to direct our personal energy in ways that flow much more ease-fully with Nature and Her rhythms. We can harness this information as a tool to gain a better sense of relationship dynamics, our personal preferences and behavior patterns. We can consciously create greater balance in life, in how we invest our energy in our work and business relationships, family life, education and travel, creative projects, spirituality, etc.

Astrology has been used for centuries to understand personal destiny and rhythms, relationships (especially family, lovers, business partners), life events, etc. Paired with an understanding of the Lunar Cycles, especially for women who experience their own "moon" (menstrual) cycle, this information can help illuminate the ever-evolving dynamics of life on Earth and beyond this planet, and how we personally experience our lives.

Working with these natural, cosmic rhythms on a personal level can help with managing your energy, your health, vitality, and stress levels, and give an opportunity for you to reduce the amount of self-criticism and self-judgement for your own way of moving through the world; it creates a sense of authentic empowerment when applied to your everyday life.

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