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Sagittarius Full Moon Circle and Community Workshop


Sagittarius Full Moon Circle

Community Workshop & Cacao Ceremony

There are many paths, one Truth. The Soul's journey is mirrored through astrology, the lunar cycle, and the planets. When we come to a Full Moon we are invited to see in the dark by the moon's abundant light - to uncover and notice what paths we've taken, what learnings have been gathered, and where we might begin to point the compass of our heart next upon our school of life study.

In this Workshop to Honor the Full Moon in Sagittarius, we will:
1 - Discuss the astrology and lunar energy of the time, and how to consider this in relation to larger spiritual themes and practical everyday life
2 - Discuss "The Hero's Journey" and create a personal Cartography of the Soul - our own "map" of our life journey, as has been and as we desire it to be
3 - Join in sacred community to celebrate where we've come from, where we are going, and set intention with the heart-opening magic of ceremonial grade Legacy Cacao and a crystal gift.

Cacao is a beautiful, heart-expanding medicine and superfood -- a true expression of Mother Earth's love for us. It is an honor to share her medicine with the Shambhala Community.
Offered in Love and Honor for wherever you are in your journey.


$40 Members

$45 Non-Members