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Yoga Vedanta Series: The Psychology, Healing Power, and Self-Knowledge of Yoga Vedanta

The psychological and spiritual side of yoga is a beautiful path of personal growth and healing, as either combined with or independent of physical yoga postures. The goal is to awaken our True Self - the pure consciousness that gives life to and illuminates our world. Realizing this true identity take us across the river of struggles and difficulties that permeate daily life; permanently establishing ourselves in the reality of peace, bliss and unshakable inner strength that underlies this phenomenal existence.

What you’ll learn: Four schools of practice will be discussed: Jnana Yoga (embodying discernment and truth), Bhakti Yoga (growing with love and devotion), Karma Yoga (purifying our daily actions in selfless service), and Raja/Ashtanga Yoga (the inner microcrosm, breath and meditation). These are complimentary pieces of a jig-saw puzzle that when combined in consistent practice, create total healing and liberation of the soul. We will devote one week to learn about each of the paths, chant sacred mantras, and meditate together in a community. Ample time for Q&A will provided at the end of each class, and the facilitator will be available to discuss any personal guidance at the end.


Ongoing Series Every Thursday


$10 per session - join us anytime!

About our facilitator, Yuriy Layvand: These teachings have been practiced and passed down in India for over 7000 years, creating enlightened souls like the Sri Krishna, the Buddha, Sri Ramakrishna, Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, and Sri Sri Bhagavan. Our facilitator Yuriy travels to India regularly to study with Bhagavan and is now offering the unique opportunity to study these amazing practices here in Brooklyn, NY for a more peaceful and loving life.