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Full Moon in Libra

I Am You, You Are Me - Full Moon in Libra

 Libra is a sign of relationships. It teaches us that our relationships with others are mirrors for our relationship with our Self. Taking place with the sun in Aries - the sign of "I Am," this Libra Full Moon is a powerful invitation to reflect and repair our engagement with others.

 Be it an intimate partnership, a coworker, a close friend, a child, a new business partner, our energy communicates even more than words and actions. Take this time to delve into how you relate to others as a way to care for yourself and cultivate bonds that are balanced, sacred, and heal the legacy of dysfunction so often learned in our primary family systems.

 In this workshop we will:


  1. Delve into the intuitive, spiritual medicine of this full moon

  2. Learn and Practice the Imago Relationship Therapy tool created by DrHarville Hendrix and Dr. Helen LaKelly Hunt

  3. Learn and reflect on Dr. Dan Siegel's concept of "MWe" as a gateway to alchemizing our personal healing for the healing of the collective

  4. Connect and Share in sacred community on the theme of "Right Relationship," creating your own intention for your relationships and sealing it energetically with the heart-opening medicine of Cacao


Offered in love and honor for wherever you are in your journey. Bring a journal and a friend, a colleague, a lover, a bestie, your favorite frenemy, whomever!