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Yoga for Trauma and PTSD

Many people at some point in their lives have experienced some type of trauma, whether it be an event that has personally happened to them or something they have observed in a person close to them. Every individual is impacted differently however what is shared in common is how trauma is stored in the human body. The body reacts profoundly in trauma therefore yoga and the mind-body connection is crucial in order to feel safe, regulated, and grounded.

This workshop will be broken down into three sections.

1) Receive a brief overview of Trauma and PTSD: what they are, how they impact the body-mind connection, how they are stored in the brain, and how yoga is a supportive essential tool in the healing recovery process.

2) Introduce a diverse set of yoga tools including mindfulness meditations, yoga breathing
exercises( pranayama), and yoga postures (asanas) that have been proven effective for helping resolve trauma and improving our over mental health.

3) Participating in a gentle yoga practice applying treatment modalities learned above into an hour long yoga class.

* All participants will have a take away packet with resources and specific exercises to use to
take home with you.


Early Bird : $45 until 2/15
Regular Price : $50
10% off to members!

Later Event: March 23
Yoga for Survivors