Shambhala Studio Manual

  1. Quick reminders for every shift

  2. Studio vibe & our role

  3. When you arrive             (2)

    1. Before class starts

    2. Shambhala sign

  4. Studio maintenance & cleaning    (3)

  5. Serving our students            (4)

    1. Checking in

    2. Welcoming new students

    3. Taking payments

  6. Mindbody - all the details         (7)

  7. Shambhala Shop

  8. Karmi Information: Swaps & Subs     (10)


What to do every shift

  • Sign on to Mindbody both on the ipad and desktop, and open Square on ipad.

    • Bonus: turn the volume all the way up on ipad, remove and re-insert swiper to ensure it’s up and running!

    • Check class sign ups, anticipate prop needs upstairs or downstairs, etc.

  • Swiffer or bona downstairs Garnet studio (first task - before first class starts)

  • Shambhala sign: make sure it’s updated and set out in good weather

  • Swiffer, sweep or vacuum upstairs

  • Clean mats & properly store them once dry (it’s nice to clean the floor in the Jade studio first to minimize lint on the clean mats)

  • Wash cups, dry and put them back

  • Refill the water filter with the kettle to the top fill line

  • Wipe front desk, snack station & sink with towel as needed

  • Empty the washcloth bin - it can fill up quickly and we want to keep it looking neat!

  • Look over the bathroom and ensure everything is clean & neat

  • Check and refill hand towels basket if needed

  • Close the bathroom door when not in use. It helps to maintain a more clean and polished look in the studio.


Shambhala Yoga & Dance Center is a community and neighborhood space. Everyone should feel welcome and included here. Inclusion and diversity is an intentional act. We have to be mindful of our own language (including body language), gestures, tone and how we frame questions, assumptions we make.

Karmis play an integral role in setting the tone in our shared space: helping create a calm, relaxing, welcoming, inclusive space for everyone who walks through Shambhala’s doors.

Some language to avoid:

“Do you have $2 for the mat rental fee?”

“It’s really crowded downstairs, we may not have room for you”

“I need to check you in first before you can go downstairs”


Door lock system

  • The door code is 0218

  • Make sure the door is unlocked when students start arriving for class (you can lock and unlock the door from the box located on the wall next to the upstairs front desk)

  • Lock before you leave (when the studio is empty & if you leave while class is in session)

    • Pull the door closed firmly (the weather stripping can prevent it from locking properly) and press the lock button on the keypad on the outside of the door

Before Class

  • Most shifts start 30 minutes before the start of class - please be on time.

  • Best practices:

    • Open up Mindbody on both the Ipad and the desktop to help yourself manage the flow of students - you can sign someone in on the desktop while running a transaction on the ipad if things get busy.

    • Check the schedule to see if there are any room rentals during the time of your shift that would inhibit cleaning of the mats.

    • Check out how many people are signed up to class so that you may anticipate volume in the studio.

      • If, for instance, a natal class is scheduled in the Jade studio, check that there are enough props upstairs and borrow any that may be needed from the Garnet studio before class starts.

    • Get yourself a towel from the laundry basket (in the Shambhala shop) to dry your hands during your shift to help us manage the flow of hand towel laundry.

    • Make sure Square is loaded on the Ipad for Shambhala shop purchases - it can be slow to load so it’s best to have it open.

Shambhala Sign

    • Day shifts, please make sure the Shambhala blackboard sign has been updated with today’s schedule and set up outside the front gate.

    • Evening shifts (5:30-8:30pm): towards the end of your shift, please bring in the Shambhala sign and update it with tomorrow’s schedule for the morning.

    • The only exception for setting the sign up outside is during rainy or very windy weather - use your discretion.

    • How to:

      • Wet a rag from the laundry basket (not a white one) and wipe the blackboard clean.

      • Use the color markers in the top desk drawer to update the sign with the day of the week and the full schedule for that day (class times and brief class titles) including any workshops.

      • Set the sign up right outside the front gate entrance but careful not to place it in the neighbor’s driveway or to block the sidewalk foot traffic.


Cleaning Tasks

  • Swiffer or bona the floors downstairs first thing to ensure it’s done before class start

    • The Swiffer & Bona are located in the common-area closet at the back of the studio (through the back door)

    • Please bona whenever possible to limit our use of disposable Swiffers

    • If the space seems sweaty from a previous class, you can use the Bona floor cleaner spray (upstairs bathroom cleaning closet) to spruce it up!

  • Clean mats & stack them properly in the basket once dry

    • Proper mat storage: Neat mats (left - yes please!!) vs. Messy Mats (right)

    • NOT  

  • Wash & dry cups and place them neatly back on the shelf

  • Fill up the water container to the fill line with the tea kettle.

    • The filter element should always be submerged to extend the life of the filter.

    • When the plastic container looks empty students may be confused and think we’re out of water even though the ceramic container is full.

  • Wipe down countertops and desk with a towel

  • Check the bathrooms upstairs & downstairs-

    • Wipe down the sink with a towel

    • Wipe or vacuum the floors

    • Refill toilet paper

    • Refill hand soap (please use Meyers not Dr. bronners soap)

  • Garbage - use the clear liners in the bathroom cleaning closet

    • Please note we do have separate trash and recycling (the blue recycling bin under the snack station) but we use the clear liners in both.

  • If we’re running low on supplies, use the Front Desk email to notify Deanna


Answering the phone

  1. “Good morning/afternoon. This is Shambhala Yoga & Dance Center”

  2. All membership cancellations or suspensions should be directed to email

  3. For all other class inquiries such as Class times, teachers or account info check MindBody

  4. For account info:

    1. Ask for their name

    2. Verify the class package

Checking students in to class

  • Create a welcoming environment for students

    • Greet students as they arrive, but wait until student walks up to the desk to engage them about sign in. We want to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere and to avoid rushing folks as soon as they arrive. You can encourage them to get comfortable and set down their stuff on the bench & coat rack.

  • Check students in to class

    • Ask for their first name to help to create a welcoming environment and to learn names.

    • Ask “Did you have a chance to sign up online?” If not, say “No problem, let me check you in.” Ask if they’ve been to the studio before.

    • A green star next to a student’s name on Mindbody indicates that it’s their first time in the studio. More information below on welcoming a new student.

  • Shoes: If students are new or just forget to remove their shoes before coming upstairs, please (kindly! gently!) remind them that we keep the shoes downstairs to keep the top floor clean for walking with bare feet.

    • They can still store their shoes upstairs under the bench.

  • Mat rentals

    • If the student doesn’t have a visible mat with them, ask if they will need a mat. If so, say “okay, the mat rental is $2.” If they don’t have money - just make a note in their account and let them go to class.

Welcoming new students

  • “Welcome- I’m [name], I’m a karmi here- nice to have you.”

  • Create a new account in Mindbody and ask the student if they could fill out their first name, last name and email.  

  • “Here is our liability waiver- it basically means that you’re responsible for your body in the space- but you are welcome to read/scroll down the side to hear more. When you’re ready, click “I agree” and sign.”

  • “Would you like to take advantage of our new student special?”

  • Show them around the studio (or give a quick verbal intro if there are many students / it’s close to class time)

    • Locations of the bathrooms, filtered water, snacks

    • Share that most classes happen in the downstairs studio and that the props are located in the back closet

  • Tell them who their teacher is and where the class is located.

Taking Payment

  • We accept cash or cards

  • Troubleshooting the swiper:

    • Check the volume on the ipad is turned all the way up

    • Pull the swiper out, turn the volume up and plug it back in

    • If all else fails, you can take a card payment on the desktop through Mindbody by entering the card info manually on the payment screen on the Mindbody desktop app.

  • If you can’t take a payment

    • If there is ever a problem with taking payment that you cannot quickly resolve, please let the student take class and either resolve it after class OR

    • Email Deanna with the info & put an “alert” on the student’s account (under client’s “profile” in Mindbody) with the reason the class is unpaid with the date, etc. and your name.

  • Cash

    • The deposit/change bag for cash payments is a grey mesh zipper bag located in the top drawer, top left-hand corner of the desk. Beneath it the deposit slips are located in a yellow plastic baggie.

    • There should be at least $40-$50 of mixed bills in the change bag at all times

    • How & When to make a deposit to the safe:

      • Please count the cash towards the end of your shift. If you take in a lot of cash during your shift (in excess of the max $50 in change that should always stay in there), or if there happens to be a lot in there, please make a deposit to the safe.

        • You may need to make a deposit even if you didn't take in cash during your shift because there happens to be excess from before.

        • The opposite is also true: if there’s not enough to require a cash deposit, you DON'T need to put a deposit slip in the safe.

      • Procedure: Take one of the deposit slips from inside the plastic bag under the change bag and fill in the information about your shift, the amount of money in the bank before you started, and the amount you took in. It's ok if you're not sure -  we'd prefer you do the deposit and just indicate that you're not 100% on how much you took in during your shift.

      • Clip the deposit slip to the money with a paperclip and deposit it through the slit in the safe, located in the bottom left drawer of the desk.

Answering questions about pricing:

  • Please familiarize yourself with Shambhala’s pricing options so you can help students choose the payment option that’s best for them.

  • New student special:

    • Unlimited week, mat rentals included; their 7 days start the first time they take a class (not the moment they purchase).

    • Only available the first-time student visits the studio, but you can use your discretion (or email Deanna) if someone took 1 class and now wants to sign up.

    • We do allow students who have previously only taken by-donation community classes to sign up for the New Student special.

  • Memberships / Unlimiteds: (see the Mindbody section for procedures to sell)

    • REMEMBER to always tell prospective members that purchasing a membership involves a 3 month initial commitment & an auto-renew on their card.

    • Mention the perks: 1 monthly guest pass, discounts on workshops, and mat rentals or mat storage at the studio are included in both types of memberships.

    • Unlimited membership also includes all meditation classes; the bi-weekly can add meditation classes for $5.

    • If the commitment is not right for them, mention the 1 week unlimited and the 1 month unlimited as no-commitment alternatives.

      • Traveler’s passes ($40/week or $140/month unlimited) with NO auto-renew commitment.

  • Other pricing options: Please familiarize yourself with the other pricing options which are listed in Mindbody under “YOGA & DANCE CLASSES.”  

    • “Single drop-in” is a basic, go-to option

    • “Single drop in + mat” - no need to run a separate transaction for a mat rental

    • Remember that we offer discounts for teachers, seniors and military.

      • It’s also possible to buy multiple “singles,” in effect creating a class pack: for instance, run a transaction for 10 senior discount classes, which will then be available on the student’s account and allow them to pre-book online with Mindbody.

        • On the desktop Mindbody app: manually type in the number of the item after selecting the type of service (change 1 senior discount class to 10)

        • On the ipad: simply keep clicking on services in the left-hand purchase menu and they will be added to the transaction in the right-hand column. You can add any number and selection of services to the same transaction this way.


    • Class is fully booked on Mindbody (weekends, smaller restoratives)

      • Large flow classes are capped at 20 on Mindbody; some restoratives are capped at 15. (We keep a small buffer to take walk ins for these classes). When full, the Mindbody app will instruct students to “Call Studio.”

      • You can add students beyond the cap - some teachers can take up to 27. Some restoratives cannot accommodate more than 15 due to prop and space limitations. (Ask the teacher what their maximum capacity is.)  

      • If students arrive for a class that is “full,” add them in Mindbody as usual - a pop-up will ask you to confirm that you’re going over the limit.

      • If a student calls about a class that is full online, please sign them up: ask for their name, pull up their account and add them in Mindbody - they can pay upon arrival rather than take a credit card over the phone.   

      • If walk ins arrive beyond the maximum capacity, start a wait-list.

        • At class start time, you can allow those on the wait-list (in order of their arrival) to take the spot of students who have not arrived.

        • If one of the signed-up students arrive late but you gave their spot away, kindly explain that at class start time you allowed someone on the wait-list to enter, and “early cancel” so that they do not lose the class.

    • Student arrives late and class has started

      • Ask the teachers on your shift about their policy for allowing late students in to class - usually 5 minutes is fine, and some teachers are comfortable with as late as 10 mins, especially if the student calls ahead.

      • In most cases it isn’t advisable to allow a student to enter class after 10 mins, as they will have missed the warm up and is disruptive for others.

      • Be kind, and explain that you can “early cancel” if they’ve arrived too late to enter, so that they do not lose the class.

    • A student makes you or others feel uncomfortable

      • We work to create an inclusive, welcoming, healing and relaxing space at Shambhala, and we want karmis and students to feel safe being here.

      • If a student ever makes you or others feel uncomfortable with inappropriate behavior, you can kindly but firmly share that the behavior is making you uncomfortable or isn’t appropriate for the studio space.

        • For instance, you can share Shambhala’s values of inclusivity or you can request that a student observe boundaries like remaining on the  “client side” of the desk.

        • You can always contact Salome or Deanna by phone if you don’t know how to handle a situation or feel unsafe, and in an emergency, call 911 (the security system, including the box next to the desktop, includes a feature to call 911).


  • MEMBERSHIPS: Listed under “CONTRACTS” in Mindbody

    • “Unlimited Monthly” ($115)

      • No restrictions, includes meditation and dance classes, mat rentals / mat storage, and discounts on workshops & 1 monthly guest pass.  

    • “Bi-Weekly” ($85 for 8 classes/month)

      • No restrictions on when students use their 8 classes, also includes mat rentals / storage and discounts on workshops & 1 monthly guest pass.

      • BUT does not include meditation classes.

      • Bi-weekly memberships can add-on a meditation class for $5.

    • Discounted unlimited membership for teachers / seniors / military at $99 / month

      • All the same perks at a discounted rate.  

    • Mat rentals and mat storage are included with all memberships

    • Monthly guest pass: Another perk of all membership options (bi-weekly, unlimited and discounted) is a monthly guest pass to use for a friend.

    • Procedure: Buying a membership

      • Explain that memberships renew automatically each month so their card will be charged monthly on the initial start / sign up date - SUPER IMPORTANT for students to understand.

      • It comes with a 3 month initial commitment - ALSO SUPER IMPORTANT for students to know before they sign up!

        • If the commitment is not right for them, suggest one of our no-contract unlimited options for 1 week or 1 month.

      • Give the student a contract to sign (located in the second drawer of the desk, on the far right)

    • Procedure: Using Monthly Guest Pass

      • Members’ guests have to create an account with Shambhala (with their name, although you could use the member’s contact email if they prefer)

      • Charge the guest with “Monthly Guest Pass” under the payment options in “Yoga & Dance Classes” (you can do this step on the ipad). The amount will be $0; click through “Comp/Guest” as your payment method.

      • THEN de-activate the guest pass in the member’s account (on Mindbody on the desktop, as the ipad does not display this screen):

        • Go to the member’s account on the desktop Mindbody; go to the “Account Details” page. At the top of the screen under their Passes the “Monthly Guest Pass” will be displayed (see screenshot below). Click on “edit” then unclick the “active” box on the next screen. Click save and you’re done!

  • FAQ for Monthly Guest Passes:

  1. Unlimited and bi-weekly memberships get 1 guest pass per pay period (it's aligned to their payment cycle, not by calendar month).

  2. The pass expires if it's not used within the month (guest passes do not accrue).

  • YOGA CLASSES: Non-membership payment options for yoga classes are listed under “YOGA & DANCE CLASSES” in the Mindbody pricing menu.

    • Remind first-time students of the option to get the 1 week unlimited ($25)

    • There’s a combo price for single drop in + mat rental so you don’t have to run the mat rental transaction separately

    • Special discounts for educators, military, seniors: see menu

    • Sliding scale guidance:

      • We are committed to making yoga accessible to all. If a student can’t afford class, you can use your discretion to offer them a sliding scale payment from $7-15. You can also always mention our karmi program ;)

      • Kindly ask them how much they can afford to pay, and let Deanna know via email.

      • The different dollar amounts for sliding scale are located towards the bottom of the “Yoga and Dance Classes” pricing menu.

  • MEDITATION CLASSES: Payment options for meditation classes are listed under “Meditation” (a separate menu on Mindbody from “Yoga & Dance Classes”)

    • Please note that meditation classes have different pricing than yoga classes

      • Meditation drop-in is $12

      • There’s a combo option for yoga class + meditation for $25

      • Adding a meditation for bi-weekly members is $5

    • Meditation classes are included in monthly unlimited memberships BUT not bi-weekly members (who get the $5 drop in rate)

  • WORKSHOPS: Located under the “Workshops” menu in Mindbody.

    • Membership discounts for workshops are automatically applied by Mindbody.

    • Just ring up the client as normal and Mindbody will process accordingly.


    • If a student has classes left on an expired class pack, they have two options:

      • Purchase a class extension for $20. They do that in the studio when they are ready to take class. OR

      • Purchase a new class card and the remaining classes will rollover to the new card.


    • Classpass students should already be signed in through the Classpass app, which syncs with Mindbody. Do not “pay” with classpass - although that is an option in the pricing menu.

    • If they missed the window to sign in (which closes 10 mins before class), they can sign in to a future class at Shambhala (but obviously not take that class as well!) and go in to this class. Use your discretion and email Deanna afterward.  

  • LOYAL SNAP / 10 Pack Special Offer

    • Students may have received a coupon for a 10 pack. It is listed Under:

    • MISC

      • Offer 1

        • Promotion code: welcomeback or upgrade10


    • Groupon students must be new or not active within the last six months. If they do not fit this criteria, they can take class but we cannot redeem their Groupon. Deanna will be in touch.

    • Before students can start taking classes with their Groupon, they have to contact Deanna to activate it -- this is printed in the instructions of their Groupon. If they have not activated their Groupon through Deanna and it is not active in Mindbody they will not be able to take class with the Groupon.

      • In this case, offer them the option to take class now as a single drop in, and then to email Deanna to activate their Groupon.

    • Students can go downstairs while you put in the Groupon

    • Do they have an account online?



Look up their name

Create a “new student”

Ensure that they have a signed waiver

Sign waiver

Check their Groupon and press redeem

Check their Groupon and press redeem

“Buy” a 5 class pack or 1 month unlimited

“Buy” a 5 class pack or 1 month unlimited

Check out- use the GROUPON payment option

Check out- use the GROUPON payment option

    • Have a great class!


    • Do they have an account with us already?



Look up their name

Create a “new student”

Ensure that they have a signed waiver

Sign waiver

Buy a single class

Buy a single class

Follow the Gympass card to validate their visit

Follow the Gympass card to validate their visit

    • The instructions for signing in a Gympass student are located on the desktop Gympass stand / flyer. (Copied below)

    • You will navigate to the Gympass website, sign in for Shambhala (sign in info on the flyer) and check in the student on the gympass website.

    • Procedure:

      • Step 1: Go to

      • Step 2: Log- in the top right hand corner:

      • Step 3: On the “New Validation” screen locate the validation. Update check-ins or browser if it doesn’t appear automatically.

      • Step 4; Press “Validate Now” in the green box. (Note: check-in must occur within 10 minutes of the user pressing “Check In” on their phone.)

      • Step 5: Hit Submit.

    • Have a great class!

Special exceptions

  • Buying two classes on one card - details

  • Student buys two classes for a friend (re-applying purchase) - details

  • Students wants to pay for someone else’s class

    • Each student who wants to take class will need an account in Mindbody - even if another student pays for them.

    • Go to the account of the student who wants to pay on the desktop Mindbody and click “Pay for another client.” Search for the student they want to pay for, and proceed with the transaction.


  • Use the Square app (on the ipad) instead of Mindbody to make sales from the Shambhala shop

  • The app can be slow to load, so it’s good to make sure that it’s open at the start of your shift

  • Enter price for Crystals


  • All shifts are 3 hours in length

  • Please keep personal/business matters to a minimum - there’s a lot to do during a shift!


    • Unlimited classes are based on your agreement to work one shift each week. If you miss a shift, we ask that you first try to find a swap, or if you can’t find one, find an open shift on the schedule that week to sub.

    • If we can’t find a sub shift and you miss your shift, it is understood that you won’t be taking classes that week.

    • Arranging a swap:


    • If you have to miss your shift within less than 24 hrs, please text both Salome and Deanna. This gives us time to jump in or notify teachers.

      • Salome's cell: 347-218-3378

      • Deanna's cell: 917-704-9858