“Yoga is a journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”
— the bhagavad gita

 Your Empowerment & Self-discovery , or YES Yoga, is an immersive, dynamic and accessible program available to those looking to explore the practice of yoga. YES Yoga isn’t just a teacher training, it is an exploration in to the deepest parts of yourself.

10 weekends - september 6th through december 8th

2020 Training Dates Coming Soon!


YES Yoga Teacher Training includes these areas of study:

  • Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar Yoga styles of asana (physical poses & approach)

  • Meditation and pranayama (breath techniques)

  • Yoga Philosophy & History

  • Principles of Ayurveda

  • Anatomy, Alignment & modifying practice for injuries and body issues

  • Accessible yoga for all body types

  • Practice teaching & sequencing for various levels of experience, and for specific benefits

  • Teaching Private Yoga & Business of Yoga (we offer tools that other TT's often miss when working with clients one-on one!)

Using YES Yoga as a framework of study, students first learn to explore their own relationship with yoga. Our strength as a teacher relies heavily on our own unique and authentic experiences. So we’ll take a considerate amount of time diving in to the history, philosophy and science of yoga. This deep study will guide our approach to the asana (postures) and meditation practice. Through active practice and a diverse range of skill sets, we’ll explore the beauty of teaching. Students map sequencing and theming classes which can be applied to your home practice, private instruction or group classes.


Fall 200 Hour Program

Program meeting times

Fridays 6:00-9:00pm, Saturdays & Sundays 8:30am-5:00pm

Fri 9/6- Sun 9/8

Fri 9/13- Sun 9/15

Fri 9/20- Sun 9/22

Fri 10/4- Sun 10/6

Fri 10/18- Sun 10/20

Fri 10/25- Sun 10/27

Fri 11/1- Sun 11/3

Fri 11/15- Sun 11/17

Fri 11/22- Sun 11/24

Fri 12/6- Sun 12/8

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Deanna Green

Deanna is the owner of Shambhala Yoga & Dance Center and founder of YES Yoga. As an eager and enthusiastic student of yoga, she approaches each class with a pleasant curiosity of the body. She first started practicing yoga as a way to alleviate back pain, but has since used the practice as a transformative tool in all aspects of her life. With over 700 hours of training in yoga and over ten years experience as a trainer, specializing in trauma informed and inclusive spaces- Deanna is highly invested in the process of learning. She sees yoga as a holistic path and journey of exploration.

Lead Teachers

Carly Czach

As a dance artist and transplant to NYC, sustainability, happiness and mood stability, were challenges that became impossible to ignore. An on-going student of anatomy and movement research for nearly three decades, Carly was drawn to the physical yoga practice as a means to cross-train in a mindful, attentive way. Her practice became far more fruitful than imagined, with it’s countless holistic benefits impacting her relationship to herself, relationships with others and to the challenges of life. Her desire as a human and teacher is to serve the community, and share with others the tools of yoga practice that so helped unbind her own potential and happiness.

Carly is 500 Hour-RYT certified through the Ishta lineage. She teaches Hatha, Vinyasa and meditation, as well as dance improvisation and is passionate about making the world a more tolerable, loving place.

What makes Shambhala's YES Yoga Teacher Training differ than other trainings?

Whether you want to become a yoga teacher, or deepen your understanding of yoga, YES Yoga Teacher Training gives you the tools and practices to elevate your personal practice and experience who you really are. YES (Your Empowerment and Self-Discovery) YTT is designed to offer the teachings and wisdom of ancient practices in contemporary context, to integrate into your unique path. Svadhyaya (self-study) is key component of training, and instructors help hold the space for your personal journey with yoga through guidance and mentorship? Our unique program offers the insights of experienced and eclectic teachers, who are aligned with the vision to share meaningful practice with the Brooklyn community, and the world at large.

Who is a good candidate for TT? Do I need to have an advanced practice?

Anyone with an interest in deepening their practice is encouraged to enroll. Trainees do not need to be advanced, but should have at least 6 months experience of practice.

What if I can't make all the meeting times?

We understand that things come up and it may not be possible to attend every meeting. However, in order to receive certification from Shambhala and become registered with Yoga Alliance, any missed hours require make up. Some make-up hours may incur an added fee. If you know of any dates missed in advance, let us know and we will work with you.

Is this program a good fit for me even if I’m not necessarily interested in teaching?

Yes. The program invites you to deepen your personal practice first and foremost. Posture labs, classes and lectures aid in comprehension of the benefits of postures and how sequencing helps prepare the body and shift other vital systems, while philosophical and lifestyle perspectives help with integration of the practice into your life off the mat.

Students of teacher training often arrive with no intention to teach, and may find inspiration in their studies to share the teachings with others, and yet each path is individual.

What kinds of opportunities become available to graduates?

Our local and global environments (social/political/ecological), have arrived into such a state that the demands for holistic support and wellness have increased exponentially. As a result, yoga and spiritual teachers are needed on the individual and community level for the majority of populations. Graduates from the YES Yoga program will have the tools and practice to teach in a variety of settings, from a plethora of local studios, gyms, and to private clients. Upon completion of the training and evaluations from teachers, opportunities are available to teach a community class at Shambhala.

Are there work-study opportunities?

There is one work-study position available for 50% tuition discount. Please inquire if you are interested.

Do trainees receive any discounts or specials? What about classes?

Yes! We want trainees to experience the diversity of teachings offered at the studio, and so Trainees receive unlimited free classes from the start day of Teacher Training until program completion.

What is the investment of this training program?

We offer an early bird price of $2,750. After the early bird rated expires, you may enroll for a total cost of $3,300.

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